James Franklin was asked on a radio show what his group needs to do to beat Ohio State and other elite B1G teams.

His response? Penn State didn’t take advantage of the momentum built when it won the B1G title in 2016, The Athletic’s Audrey Snyder reported. Franklin said that the school wasn’t “bold and aggressive” in what can be assumed to be recruiting.

Franklin said earlier this season that he has lost and almost lost some recruits due to the school’s outdated facilities and dorms and could be throwing shots at the administration yet again.

Facilities are, in fact, a very important aspect of recruiting, and Franklin wants to make improvements to the issue to revive Penn State recruiting, which hasn’t been bad by any means, but not on par with the goals that this team sets for itself. Either Franklin is shifting the blame off of himself, or the facilities are really holding them back.

As for recruiting, the Nittany Lions appear to have weathered the storm from the COVID season in 2020 and the ensuing fallout with a top-10 recruiting class in 2022 and a group that ranks No. 13 nationally in recruiting for the class of 2023.

We’ll see if the Nittany Lions can build off of those recruiting classes and make a push for another B1G title in the years to come.