James Franklin made sure to let everyone know his feelings about faking injuries during his Wednesday presser.

He was responding to Kirk Ferentz from earlier in the week when Ferentz defended Iowa fans when they were booing injured Nittany Lions players and accusing them of faking it.

During the presser, Franklin said, “Put yourselves in the shoes of a parent. Your son is down on the field with the injury… and your stadium is booing him…I just told you PJ Mustipher is out for the year with an injury and we’re booing. Is that good for college football?”

Here’s the video answer:

Franklin then ended his press conference by saying, “I got tremendous respect for their program and their head coach who’s been doing it a long time. But I felt like after the game I had to say something because when I got my starting defensive tackle PJ Mustipher down on the field and he can’t play for the rest of the season. He’s my captain and they’re booing him. I don’t think anybody would feel good about that.”

The full 5-minute Franklin rant can be seen here (fast forward to 24:30 through 29:50):