James Franklin is not going to apologize for winning a football game, no matter what that win looks like to fans or the media outside of the program.

Following Wednesday’s practice, Penn State’s head coach was asked if the close win over Indiana helped galvanize the team. While he does believe every experience of the season should make a team stronger, he doesn’t understand why people try to complain about a team struggling to win.

Here is part of what Franklin had to say:

“There’s teams that are ranked the No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 (team) in the country and they struggle to get a win. And no one talks about that,” said Franklin. “But when we struggle to get a win, or it’s not as pretty, then everybody’s overly concerned, in my opinion.

“It’s a long season. You’re not going to dominate every single week. You got to find ways to do it, however, you do it. And then you have to learn from the wins and you have to learn from the challenges and you have to learn from the setbacks and be very honest and transparent with yourself and your team. But I also think it’s just — it’s important to put in perspective every Sunday, I put up on the PowerPoint slide… I think it was three programs this week ranked in the top 17 in the country that lost to unranked opponents. And then when we don’t play as well, people think we should, but still win… I’m not gonna get into that.”

As a follow-up, Franklin was asked about people not appreciating the context of everything that goes into winning. Franklin said a large part of it comes down to the “win at all costs” mentality.

“And to be honest with you, you guys see examples of it every single day. And you’re part of it and I’m a part of it, too. It’s mixed messages. And as a society, it’s become more and more,” Franklin explained. “And I mean, there’s a ton of examples of it right now.

“So my point is, is all that other stuff that you’re talking about, is it real? Yes. Does anybody want to hear it from me? No… And in some ways, it’s sad that if you’re winning, none of the other stuff matters. And the opposite is also true.”

Here is the full transcript of Franklin’s dialogue: