James Franklin is not scared about chasing waterfalls (or rabbit trails) during a press conference. That was more than abundantly clear when he dropped and did 5 pushups a week ago after getting a White Out fact incorrect.

For his Week 5 press conference, Franklin once again chased another rabbit trail and flipped the line of questioning back on the media members. It all started when the head coach revealed he is currently taking his coffee black, something he disdains as a part of a fast he is doing.

“Are you a coffee guy? Black or like ice cream sundae,” asked Franklin to one member of the audience.


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“I’m an ice cream sundae guy, but now, see I’ve been doing this fasting so I’m taking it black. And just like you shaking your head about that ice cream sundae, I shake my head about black. I hate the black. It’s like punishment. That’s what I’ve got right now.”

For the rest of his press conference, Franklin insisted on everyone sharing their preferences in regard to coffee. He also struggled to comprehend the concept of peppermint tea when tossed a curveball.

Here are some of the highlights:

“I’m with you,” said Franklin in response to someone requesting sweetener and cream with their coffee.

“What are the calories in that,” asked Franklin when someone recommended Dunkin’s cold brew foam. “I’m doing this fasting so it’s gotta be zero calories.”

“It’s 80 (calories) more than zero,” responded the reporter.

“Yeah, so I’m not gonna do it. I’m just gonna continue to punish myself with this awful black coffee.”

“Peppermint tea. So, I need more, I don’t understand that,” said Franklin in response to one curveball. “Is that a little bit like the seltzer? What I mean by that is you got this seltzer… It’s got a really strong smell so you get excited like it’s gonna taste like that but then it doesn’t. So is the peppermint more like the smell or does it have a strong peppermint taste?”