James Franklin is doing a pretty cool with thing for several of his Penn State players and coaches: he’s hosting Thanksgiving.

That, alone, is a really awesome gesture from the Nittany Lions head coach. But it’s not just the fact that he’s inviting several members of his football family into his home for the holiday that makes this extraordinary. Thanksgiving at Franklin’s home actually sounds like an incredibly amazing event.

On Tuesday, Franklin told reporters that he’d be inviting players and coaches into his home on Thanksgiving. He also gave a preview of what the day entails.

“I want them to understand what Thanksgivings are like at the Franklins,” he said. “I don’t want them to come over dressed up and formal. It is sleep. It is eat. It is watch football. It’s fall asleep on the couch. We play ping pong, we play board games, pool…eat, sleep, rotate the rest of the day.”

Franklin said that nine players and a few families will be joining he and his family on Thursday.

“I’m hoping they’ll come and slobber on my coach, and eat turkey, and just chill,” Franklin said. “To me, it’s just about family, and quality time with each other, and taking the time to be thankful for all the blessings we do have.”

This sounds like an incredibly eventful day for Franklin, his family and the players and coaches joining him. It’s also just an awesome gesture from the head coach.