James Franklin is cheering on his former school rather than his conference.

On Tuesday night, the Penn State head coach was spotted at Game 2 of the College World Series championship between Michigan and Vanderbilt. And while he wasn’t sporting any specific logos or team garb, the former Vanderbilt head coach was sitting in a Vanderbilt section and wearing a black shirt.

Is that enough to label him a traitor? Maybe not. But, because Franklin was the head football coach of the Commodores before he took over at Penn State, it makes sense that he’d be pulling for his old school over Michigan — which he has absolutely no ties to outside of being in the same conference.

Franklin was the head coach at Vanderbilt from 2011-13, so it’s understandable that he still has some ties with the university. Still, when it comes to the B1G-SEC rivalry, it hurts to see one of the B1G’s own pulling for the enemy conference.

Franklin is going to have some explaining to do to the rest of the conference when he gets home from Omaha.