James Franklin has been quite active over the last two days. In the last 24 hours, the Penn State head coach has been quite vocal in his support for his players’ ability to move forward with a season and ensuring that the B1G exhausts all options before cancelling the season.

Franklin came out in support of Penn State’s #IWantToPlay movement which launched over the weekend. He advocated for his players to have the opportunity to play football in the fall. And when reports surfaced that the B1G had voted to cancel the season, the Nittany Lions leader released a statement calling for a delay to the season, rather than a cancellation.

On Tuesday, Franklin echoed those same sentiments in an interview with ESPN’s Get Up.

“There’s still time,” Franklin said. “There’s still information we need to gather. My point is why cancel the season right now when we don’t have all the information and we don’t have the answers?

“I have a responsibility to my players to exhaust every opportunity that’s out there.”

Several Penn State players have taken to Twitter over the last three days, expressing support for playing football this fall. The parents of the student-athletes also voiced their support for moving forward with a season.

On Monday, Franklin released the following statement on Twitter:

We need a clear path forward!

The last month, in particular, has been taxing on our student-athletes’ mental well-being. We have many unanswered questions: we need transparency & direction in this process. Our student-athletes, parents, staff, fans & university deserve it, as does our game.

While we all agree there is much uncertainty; the best decision right now isn’t to cancel the season. I implore the Big Ten to consider all possibilities to preserve college football this fall. Our conference intentionally built a flexible schedule allowing us to easily postpone the start of the season. Let’s delay, seek clarity, build the safest environment for our guys & make the best decision!

Finally, I support our student-athletes’ desire to play this fall & will exhaust all options for them.

B1G presidents are reportedly scheduled to meet Tuesday morning to discuss the outlook for fall sports. It’s unclear if a final decision will be made.