James Franklin admitted that he’s not in politics, but he did offer a solution to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For at least a period of time, he’d like to ensure that people are staying home and following government and health rules right now.

“I’m not a politician,” Franklin said, according to Audrey Snyder of The Athletic, “but there’s part of me that would just like to lock down the whole country down.”

Franklin thought that kind of protocol would help control the situation quicker.

Many day-to-day activities have already been shut down across the country — watching and playing sports, eating in restaurants, shopping at malls, visiting theme parks, visiting bars and clubs, and attending fitness centers, to name a few things. A lot of “non-essential” businesses have either shut their doors for the time being or operating on a limited basis.

Still, some cities and states have taken stronger action than others. But Franklin believes if the whole country was on the same page, and limiting people from leaving their homes as much as possible, there would be a resolution to the situation sooner.