If you were a head coach, would you like reporters?

At times, it would be fun. You could be sarcastic, serious all of the time, a mix of both — anything you want to do. The floor is yours. People will write about anything you say.

James Franklin, the coach at Penn State, hasn’t let it known if he likes reporters or not (he seems to be perfectly fine with them). Regardless, he knows how to play the game of talking with the media.

As a big game against Michigan looms, he’s not going to go into every single detail about his star QB Trace McSorley. McSorley was dinged up a week ago against Iowa and Penn State was able to get by with a win.

Now, with No. 5 Michigan on Saturday, how is McSorley doing?

That’s what one reporter asked.

Franklin responded. Sort of:

This is pretty funny. Again, whether McSorley is extremely hurt and will try to play through the injury, or if he won’t play, or if he truly doesn’t know — we can’t expect Franklin to let all the information he has out.

As he said, he knows Michigan is listening.

You can’t let the cat out of the bag. We’ll all have to wait until Saturday to see how healthy McSorley is and how the game plays out.

Penn State-Michigan is set for a 3:45 p.m. kickoff on Saturday at Michigan Stadium. The game will be televised on ESPN.