James Franklin and Penn State hope to get back on the winning streak following a big loss against Michigan.

Last Saturday afternoon, Penn State could not execute crucial plays for a lackluster performance in Ann Arbor on both sides of the ball. The Nittany Lions hope to reel back from this devasting loss and not trickle down to another for James Franklin.

The now No. 16 Nittany Lions hope to not create a pattern of engaging a second loss.

As Audrey Snyder of The Athletic tweeted out, there is a chance that Penn State could lose its second game or it could be like former B1G squads and go on to win.

In recent years, Ohio State has become familiar with the one loss and move on to victory energy. As for Penn State under Franklin, the first loss of a season has often been met with a second right around the corner.

Perhaps the Nittany Lions will encounter that victory mentality as they look ahead to this Saturday.

Will Penn State take control and secure a victory against Minnesota or will this snowball into other losses?