James Franklin, like many Penn State fans, probably had a little scare after seeing Sean Clifford get drilled on Saturday. He didn’t see how bad the hit looked at first.

Clifford was scrambling and trying to get a first down when he nearly got his head taken clean off by an Auburn defender. He fumbled the ball after how hard he was hit, but finished the game with 178 yards passing and 1 rushing touchdown.

“That was a big shot,” said Franklin. “When I watched the replay on the way home, that was more significant than I realized.”


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Franklin was later asked about another quarterback on the roster in Drew Allar. He got some playing time after relieving Clifford late in the game. Allar had 29 yards passing in the short time that he played.

When Clifford has struggled this season, Penn State fans have called for Allar to come in. However, Franklin thinks that Allar has some things to improve on before that happens. Franklin stated that Allar just needs to get some experience under his belt.

“A lot of it is a rep thing with him,” said Franklin. “He needs to gain as much experience as possible.”