James Franklin is trying to stay positive. While there are still so many uncertainties regarding the college football season, the Penn State head coach remains optimistic that there will be a way to get the season up and running.

Franklin met with reporters via a Zoom session on Wednesday, talking about several topics. The Penn State head coach said that he’s hopeful there’s a way the season can start on time, but that staying flexible during this time is key.

“I’m hopeful that we’re gonna find a way to make this thing work,” Franklin said, according to Audrey Snyder of The Athletic. 

There are varying levels of optimism regarding the 2020 college football season. Currently, school presidents and athletic directors, as well as conference commissioners, are working on contingency plans in case there is a delay to the opening kickoff.

“You just have to be flexible and open to any of these things, any of these scenarios because at the end of the day we’ve gotta find a way to make it work if we can,” Franklin said. “Again, we gotta trust the experts.”

Recent ideas being kicked around have included a shortened, conference-only season, moving the college football season to the spring semester and potentially playing in empty stadiums.