James Franklin addressed one aspect of his offensive game plan that isn’t going away anytime soon on Tuesday. The Penn State Nittany Lions’ success on offense can be attributed to several things, one of them being use of the T-formation.

The T-formation is when the offensive team uses three players lined up in a row about five yards behind the quarterback, forming the shape of a “T.”

It’s a formation that has worked out well for the team and head coach James Franklin says they will continue to run it because it’s been so successful for them.

“We’re gonna continue to use it and take a lot of pride in it,” said Franklin.

The success of the running backs for the team this year can be attributed to running the T-formation which has given several teams, which is why the team will keep running it.

Before the invention of the forward pass, a lot of teams traditionally ran the T-formation exclusively to run their offenses, and as you can see it is still very successful even in 2022.