James Franklin has been at Penn State since 2014. Since then, there’s been a number of people who have worked on his staff.

Franklin was asked how he is to work for on Wednesday. One of the more recent departures from Penn State’s staff was former DC Brent Pry, who is now the head coach at Virginia Tech. His replacement, Manny Diaz, has drawn rave reviews after the Auburn game.

Franklin revealed his philosophy when it comes to those he works with on his staff. He believes that everyone he brings onto the staff is there for a specific reason.

“I think the guys that we typically hire, I’m going to provide a level of freedom because I brought them here for a reason,” said Franklin. “There’s going to be a few times when I say we’re doing this and this is why.”

So far it looks like the addition of Diaz has been a good one for the Nittany Lions. Makes you wonder what Franklin saw in the former Miami HC, but it doesn’t if his defense keeps playing this way.