James Franklin delivered a not-so-subtle jab at Michigan’s ongoing sign-stealing investigation with a nonchalant remark at his Monday press conference.

As Franklin gets Penn State ready to face the Wolverines, he was asked about the potential status of Jim Harbaugh for Saturday’s game. That question comes about as the B1G reportedly mulls potential discipline against Harbaugh or his program before the NCAA wraps up its investigation.

According to Franklin, he’s not focused on the status of the head coach, saying Penn State is focused on the film.

While there was not any confusion to the remark, Franklin took the time to clarify what he meant — and throw some shade in the process. Franklin noted he meant the coaches copy of the game film and what goes on between the sidelines.

“I’m focused on all the stuff I see on film. That’s what we’re focused on is all the stuff that we see on film,” said Franklin. “Their players, their scheme.

“All the stuff — when I say ‘see on film,’ what we see on the coaches copy of the film. The stuff that’s going on between the sidelines, the 53 and a third. That’s what we’re focused on.”

While Franklin declined to get into the topic earlier in his press conference, there’s likely no love lost between the two teams as they get ready for Week 11.