James Franklin will look to get Penn State to rebound in the second half despite a rough opening 30 minutes against Indiana. While the Nittany Lions did take a 17-14 lead into the break, the team dropped the ball and struggled at times in the first half.

During his halftime comments with CBS, Franklin said it’s important for the offense to improve efficiency in the early downs. Penn State punted 4 times and had a missed field goal in the first half.

“Like we talked about before the game, we’ve got to be more efficient on first and second down,” said Franklin.

As for the points given up, Franklin pointed to blown coverage on one of the big plays. He said the blown coverage from Penn State gave Indiana 6 points. That doesn’t make up for the other big play, but Franklin thinks the defense played well outside of that one miscommunication

“We had a blown coverage. We literally gave them 6 points, but besides that, we’ve played well,” Franklin explained.