James Franklin knows and understands that the future of college football has a lot to do with a teams’s ability to run their NIL programs.

Success With Honor is the new Nittany Lion fund that will help Penn State continue to be one of the nation’s better football programs.

Penn State this season is currently ranked in the top 8 per the College Football Playoff committee and has been one of the best B1G teams with them likely appearing in the Rose Bowl. Franklin made a clear statement about what the fans who want to help should do to provide financial support.

“I know a lot of Nittany Lion fans have been asking how they can help when it comes to NIL. We have a championship mindset with everything we do. To support our longstanding tradition of excellence, and to continue to win championships,” Franklin said while commenting on the program’s standards. “We need to be the absolute leader in providing every one of our student-athletes with NIL opportunities. Consider joining Success With Honor to further elevate, and empower our student-athletes.”