James Franklin understands the decision the B1G made last Tuesday when it became the first Power 5 conference to cancel the fall football season. But he’s more than frustrated by the lack of communication and transparency the league provided when it made the announcement.

On Wednesday morning, Franklin spoke virtually with reporters regarding the hectic week that has been the result of the B1G’s decision to call off football this fall, making that call just six days after releasing a revised schedule. The Penn State head coach said the lack of answers and the sudden decision from the league was frustrating.

Franklin said he didn’t necessarily disagree with the conference’s choice to look towards a spring season, however the timing and process were not handled properly.

Below were some of the key comments Franklin made on Wednesday. It’s pretty clear he’s still frustrated by the lack of leadership the B1G demonstrated through this entire process.

James Franklin, Penn State head coach

On the B1G’s decision:

“I don’t necessarily have an issue with the decision. But I have an issue with the process and I’ve got an issue with the timing. It was challenging to keep getting up in front of my team and getting up in front of my parents and not having answers to their questions.”

“While I appreciate the complexities and difficulties of this decision for the leaders of our conference, I’m extremely frustrated because we have very few answers to communicate to our young men.”

“I was not in the room. But do know when you make a decision of this magnitude, that affects so many people on such a significant level, maybe the most important decision in the history of the B1G, it wasn’t made in ambiguity, it wasn’t vague.”

“The amount of communication we have had before and after has been pretty good, but when the decision was actually being made, the decision caught a lot of people off guard. The decision came before everybody being on board and understanding it.”

On NCAA allowing 12-hour model for teams not playing:

“I don’t agree at all with the 12 hours. That makes no sense that other teams are going to be having a season, and we’re only going to get to work with our guys for 12 hours.”

On the possibility of the B1G reversing its decision:

“I love to see our players have voices. I love to see parents have voices. Do I think things are going to change? I don’t think we’re going to go back to a fall season. I don’t see that happening.”

“I don’t think the petitions and the voices are going to allow us to go back and say, ‘We’re going to play this fall.’ I wish that was the case, but I don’t see that happening.”