During the game against Maryland last week, Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons was ejected for targeting quarterback Josh Jackson.

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Parsons had to leave the game and went back to the locker room. What did he do? Did he try and watch the rest via television? Did he take a shower?

Did he think about what he had done and mull over the play?

He may have done those things. But, he also tweeted, too:


In regard to Parsons’ action, coach James Franklin addressed the matter on Tuesday during his press conference:

Franklin gave Parsons some props here — though it wasn’t all good. Sure, Parsons handled the call well as a whole and the message in his tweet was a good one.

However, you probably shouldn’t be tweeting in the locker room while the game is going on.

At least that’s what Franklin believes.

Penn State hosts Purdue on Saturday for a noon kickoff.