Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin heard what everyone else on TV heard during the game against Iowa and he was not happy about it.

Franklin spoke to the media after the game and while he talked about Sean Clifford’s status, he threw some shade at the Hawkeye fans who booed him while he was down on the field.

He then added that he didn’t like that anytime after one of his players got hurt, Iowa fans would boo since they were thinking it was fake.

Finally, Franklin ended his thoughts on the booing as he thinks that it’s not good for college football and it’s likely that everyone would agree with him there.

If Clifford is out for any amount of time, it would put a big damper into Penn State’s season as they were rolling while he was the starter. Coming into this game, he had an 11 touchdown to 3 interception ratio with 1,336 yards passing.