James Franklin continues to struggle in big-time matchups at Penn State. On Always College Football, Greg McElroy weighed in on Franklin’s record against top 10 teams and how it could potentially affect the Nittany Lions’ fanbase.

Over the weekend in Week 7, No. 16 Penn State struggled against No. 4 Michigan in a B1G matchup, losing 41-17.

McElroy provided more insight into Penn State’s troubling season as a top-10 team going up against other top-10 teams. Adding in part that the Nittany Lions have struggled against teams like Michigan that should have been a more competitive atmosphere, but it wasn’t.

Truth, and the record against top 10 teams as a top 10 team is what’s more startlingly bad. 1-6 now against top 10 teams as a top 10 team. That 1 win came 6 years ago, so that’s what would concern me most… What I find problematic is that his teams have not performed well when they’re good against good teams.

So, as McElroy pointed out Penn State could potentially lose its fans if Franklin’s play calling doesn’t perform better on the field against top-10 teams moving forward.

We shall see how the rest of the season plays out as the Nittany Lions are 5-1 and still have more B1G games to be played.