Stop the presses.

The New York Jets decided to let their perfectly healthy second-round draft pick play in the fourth quarter of an NFL preseason game.

Shocking, right?

Even more shocking was the fact that Hackenberg step on to the field looking like the unprepared boy amongst men that the Jets made him out to be. The polarizing former Penn State quarterback came in and looked like his 2013 self.

Here’s video of his first NFL drive, which ended with his first touchdown pass:

Hackenberg’s first drive was his best. He did throw an interception and completed only 6 of 16 passes for 105 yards in his quarter of action. But hey, at least that was progress.

The former Lions quarterback grew more on Saturday night than he did in his previous two games spent on the sidelines. As the New York Post wrote, Hackenberg’s debut was “a little bit of everything.”

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“He was up and down, obviously,” Jets coach Todd Bowles said. “He made some throws but he missed some throws. [But] it was good to get his feet wet.”

There were obviously moments in which Hackenberg flashed his inexperience. An under-thrown ball here, a delay of game penalty there and on the whole, his accuracy was still shaky outside of the touchdown drive.

Hackenberg’s stat line wasn’t the important factor in Saturday night’s showing. It was just the fact that he got a stat line.

Sure, it was only two games of being inactive, which might’ve been the most time Hackenberg had ever spent on the sidelines. But the guy who might’ve lacked confidence got some with his first NFL action.

“It was just a cool experience,” Hackenberg said. “I was just trying to take it in. There was a lot of work that went into that over the years, so to finally get out there was pretty cool.”