Joel Klatt believes Penn State is still in the College Football Playoff picture despite its loss to Ohio State.

The Nittany Lions struggled last week against Indiana, but Klatt believes a strong ending to the season could see them sneaking in.

“I get it, Penn State didn’t look great against Indiana, their offense looked really bad against Ohio State,” Klatt said on his show Thursday. “But they’re still just a 1-loss team, and if you look at what they have in front of them, they still have Michigan. And Michigan in a lot of people’s eyes has been the most dominant team in the country so far. If they can beat Michigan that would be a massive resume builder.”

Klatt believes there are 2 paths for Penn State to reach the CFP. The first would mean beating Michigan and hoping the Wolverines can take down Ohio State.

“No. 1 is, you obviously beat Michigan and then you win the 3-team tie break,” Klatt said. “Because you hope at that point that Michigan would beat Ohio State when Michigan is at home in the big house in the last week of the season.”

Klatt said that the other path to the CFP would be beating Michigan and then counting on Ohio State to also beat them, setting up potential for the Nittany Lions to sneak into the Playoff without a B1G Championship appearance.