Joel Klatt provided his Week 1 breakdown recently, trying to gauge the temperature of key fanbases entering Week 2. When it comes to Penn State, Klatt picked “giddy” as his expectation for the fanbase after a win over West Virginia.

“If I was Penn State right now how would I feel as a fan? I would feel giddy,” said Klatt. “‘Giddy, Joel, really?’ Yeah, giddy, you know why I would feel giddy? Because I would feel pretty confident not only on what I saw out of my team at Penn State but also around the Big Ten that I’m rooting for a team that is no longer just clearly 3rd in that division.”

Klatt pointed out that the starting debut of Drew Allar is just one reason why he would feel giddy as a Nittany Lion supporter. He also pointed to Ohio State’s disappointing season opener while saying the East is “an absolute 3-team race” now that the Nittany Lions have a QB.

“Based on Week 1, if I’m a Nittany Lion fan, I’m giddy at the fact it’s pretty clear this is an absolute 3-team race in the East. I still think I would favor Michigan,” Klatt explained. “Fine, okay Penn State fans, I think you would even have to agree with that in particular with what (the Wolverines) did to you last year in Ann Arbor running the football.

“But with what Ohio State did at Indiana and the way their offensive line looked in particular, and their QB issues kind of seeping now into Week 2 of the college football season, there’s no other way to put it other than like yeah, Penn State could easily play with and beat one of those two teams.”