Joel Klatt would like to see more parity in college football, and the national championship to be spread around to more programs.

One of those programs is Penn State, which last one a national title in 1986, and the FOX Sports analyst broke down what it would take for State to return to the top of college football.

“Having said that, it’s going to be really difficult based on the numbers I just broke down to you, I mean look at where all the best players are going to play college football,” Klatt said. “I don’t see a team being able to win a national championship unless they can average for 4 straight years a top 5 overall recruiting class. That’s basically what it takes to win a national championship.”

Of course, Klatt notes, there are changing variables related to the expanded College Football Playoff, name, image and likeness and the transfer portal.

“The door was basically shut before these last couple of years, and I think it’s starting to slowly open,” Klatt said.

Klatt then maintained that Penn State must average that kind of elite recruiting class to beat the likes of Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State.