Juice Scruggs has been a reliable member of the Penn State offensive line this season. He spoke at the team’s press conference on Wednesday.

Scruggs has played in nine games for the Nittany Lions in 2022. He had a lot of praise for Hunter Nourzad and Olu Fashanu.

Nourzad recently announced that he’ll be staying at Penn State for the 2023 season. Scruggs sees Nourzad as someone that will be a big part of what Penn State wants to do in the future.

“He’s going to be a huge part of this team going forward not just for next year, but for this year,” said Scruggs.

On Fashanu, Scruggs emphasized how he’s been a fan of the Penn State OL for quite some time. Scruggs noted how he thinks Fashanu is going to be a very special player.

“I’ve been telling y’all for a minute that he’s special,” said Scruggs. “It’s just all coming to light now… I can’t wait to see his future.”