Keandre Lambert-Smith provided a game-changing play Thursday night, spinning out of contact and rolling to a go-ahead score for Penn State.

In the game between the Nittany Lions and Purdue, the action in the 4th quarter has started to bounce back and forth. Purdue had just retaken the lead on a pass from Aidan O’Connell when Lambert-Smith broke free.

Initially, the pass from Sean Clifford to Lambert-Smith appeared as if it would just be enough for a short first-down conversion. A Purdue defender arrived on time with the ball to deliver a jarring blow.

Fortunately for Lambert-Smith, that defender forgot to wrap up. Lambert-Smith kept his feet, spun free and raced down the middle of the defense for the go-ahead score.

It was just Lambert-Smith’s 2nd catch of the game, and he previously dropped one beautifully thrown ball by Clifford. This touchdown will be a bit of redemption to make up for that earlier drop.

We’ll see if this touchdown is enough to hold up for a win.