Kirk Herbstreit is at least high on one team in the B1G heading into the season.

It’s that time of year where analysts begin giving predictions on which teams will make a run at the national championship. As it currently stands, just four teams can make the College Football Playoff, and Herbstreit sees two teams as heavy favorites to make the Playoff.

Paul Myerberg with USA TODAY shared Herbstreit’s comments, and he sees Alabama and Clemson as early favorites to make the final four. Herbstreit also picked Penn State to represent the B1G in the Playoff:

I’m going to go Alabama and Clemson … just, like, put them in. And then I’m going to go Penn State and Washington.

As for the National Championship Game matchup and eventual champions, Herbstreit couldn’t back away from what feels like a perennial matchup between Alabama and Clemson. In the end, he expects Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide to win yet another title:

If those are the four, then it’ll be ‘Bama and probably Washington, and Clemson and Penn State. I’m just trying to go with anybody but Alabama and Clemson, but I think it’s going to be Alabama and Clemson. And I think Alabama is going to beat Clemson in what, round four now?

The season still has to be played out and any injury or slip up can change the outlook in a heartbeat. Still, Alabama and Clemson are looking like two very dangerous teams heading into the season.

Do you agree with his Playoff picks?