Most of us would do a lot for $2 million. The chance to become a millionaire would justify most people risking their health to get that kind of money.

Sean Lee isn’t most people.

The former Penn State star and current Dallas Cowboys linebacker had a chance to earn a $2 million bonus if he played through a hamstring tweak in the final regular season game of the year.

According to his contract, he had to play in 80 percent of his team’s defensive snaps. Entering Sunday’s game, he was at 82 percent. Sitting out would drop him below 80 percent, eliminating his chance at his multi-million dollar bonus.

That’s exactly what he did. And he had no regrets.

“It was my decision not to play because I wasn’t going to be able to run the right way,” Lee said after the game. “I didn’t want to disrespect my coaches and my teammates and be out there and not be able to run, make plays and help our team win. That was my only call I had to make.

“If I was not going to be effective, there was no way I could go out and help the team, then there was no way I was going to be able to play.”

Getting healthy, Lee said, is more of his long-term concern. Considering he has yet to make it through a full NFL season after six years in the league, it’s hard to argue with that.

And for what it’s worth, Lee is in the second year of a six-year contract worth up to $42 million.