In an effort to build team comradery and have a little fun, James Franklin thought it was a good idea to take his players out for day of paintballing.

It may be the last time that ever happens.

During Franklin’s media day press conference on Saturday, the Penn State head coach talked about his idea to take players paintballing this summer, but that he paid the price for his decision to do so. That is, Franklin had a battle scar from the outing.

A giant black-and-blue bruise was located on Franklin’s, well, hindquarters, too put it kindly. But Franklin wasn’t satisfied with just talking about the wound. Instead, he insisted on showing reporters the aftermath of the paintball experience.

That’s probably more of James Franklin than anyone cared to see on Saturday.

Maybe next year Franklin and the staff will take the players bowling or putt-putting, something a little less dangerous for the team outing.