Manny Diaz received questions from reporters at Friday’s Rose Bowl presser. Diaz talked about his defense and his future with the Penn State program as a whole.

Diaz led a reformation of Penn State’s defense this season. The Nittany Lions allowed 18 points per game, which ranked ninth in the nation. Penn State also held opposing offenses to 317.9 yards per game.

Diaz described college football as a narrative-based sport and was proud of his players for excelling despite what everyone thought.

“We reserve the right to improve as a defense,” Diaz said. “The credit goes to the players because despite what people say of us, of whatever narrative, we can improve.”

When asked about if he plans on returning as DC next season, Diaz stated he would like to be a head coach again although he doesn’t like to think about those things.

“I don’t think about those things,” said Diaz. “In terms of ambition I’d like to be a head coach again. Second time around I think you’re a little bit wiser with the opportunity.”

On his future with the program as a whole, Diaz said that he is just grateful to be with Penn State. It would take a really intriguing opportunity to draw him away at the moment.

“It’s called silly season for a reason,” said Diaz. “The great thing I have is I have a great job. It would take an amazingly great job (to leave this job). (The rumors are) the nature of the business.”

Diaz will coach his defense to stop the offensive attack of Utah on Jan. 2 in the Rose Bowl. Kickoff will be at 5 p.m. ET on ESPN.