It was almost too perfect.

Steve Gleason delivered arguably the greatest moment in Superdome history when he blocked a punt and returned it for a touchdown on Monday Night Football in the first home game after Hurricane Katrina.

Nine years later, that play was repeated.

Gleason, an ALS survivor, took in the action on Thursday night from his wheelchair. When the Falcons dropped back for a routine punt in the first quarter, former Penn State star linebacker Michael Mauti took Saints fans back to that uplifting moment nine years earlier:

They share a striking resemblance, no?

Fittingly, it was Mauti — the guy who tore his ACL three times — fighting his way into the end zone.

It might not have been quite as monumental as Gleason’s heroics, but Mauti’s version of the play put the Superdome crowd into a frenzy, too.