According to the Associated Press, Ex-Penn State assistant Mike McQueary was awarded $7.7 million from a jury in a defamation case against the university after it became public that his testimony helped prosecutors charge Jerry Sandusky with child molestation.

McQueary claimed he was defamed by a statement released by the president of the university the day Sandusky was charged, as well as a claim he was misled by the school’s administrators and ultimately retaliated against.

The next step for the jury is figuring out whether or not McQueary’s 2012 testimony played a role in the events that occurred shortly thereafter. The university suspended him from coaching duties, placed him on paid administrative leave, barred him from team facilities and then did not renew his contract.

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According to the AP, Penn State argued that was because of safety concerns for McQueary after the university received threats. McQueary’s lawyer, Elliot Strokoff, said there was no evidence of those claims and that McQueary was unfairly treated as the scapegoat.

McQueary had been seeking $4 million in damages for wages lost because of the fallout of his relationship with Penn State. He claimed that he hadn’t been able to find work in coaching or anywhere and it was a direct result of the university’s actions after his 2012 testimony.

Sandusky was charged in 2012 with sexually abusing 10 boys and is currently serving 30-60 years in prison.

The university declined to comment on the matter.