After 1 season in the NFL, Micah Parsons would like to see a rule change when it comes to one defensive penalty.

Parsons recently visited ProFootballTalk’s PFT Live. During his chat, he was asked about being flagged for a roughing the passer penalty for a hit on Derek Carr in Thanksgiving’s Dallas Cowboys-Las Vegas Raiders game.

“I think some of these flags that they throw should be reviewable. I hate that that’s not reviewable,” Parsons said. “Because those cost games.”

Parsons added that he strives to play clean.

“I will never play dirty. That’s not part of my game. I hate dirty players,” Parsons said.

Roughing the passer penalties are frequently criticized by NFL fans and media members on Twitter during games. Parsons memorably took issue with his Thanksgiving flag after seeing a video now up to 1.3 million views.