Mike Gesicki spoke on his hilarious interpretation of the Griddy during the Miami Dolphins’ comeback win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

On the internet, Gesicki received harsh criticism from dance experts on his execution of the Griddy. The celebratory dance happened immediately after Gesicki scored an important touchdown in the 3rd quarter. The touchdown cut the deficit to 14 points for the Dolphins.


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On Tuesday, Gesicki appeared on “The Adam Schefter Podcast,” to talk about the game and his dance. In December 2021, Schefter’s attempt at doing the Griddy went viral and Gesicki was inspired by Schefter’s dance:

“When you hit it last year, you opened the door for guys that lack a little bit of rhythm, maybe could use some help in the dancing department,” Gesicki said. “I just tried to follow in your footsteps. It was definitely entertaining, that was kind of my goal. I knew it was going to be absolutely hilarious and that’s why I did it.”


He finished the game with 4 catches, 41 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown. He is an important part of Miami’s offense and his touchdown turned out to be the catalyst that changed the momentum.

Gesicki will try to break out another dance in Week 3 against the Buffalo Bills.