Mike Gesicki broke out the Griddy dance when he scored a touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2. The Miami Dolphins had a huge comeback victory and won 42-38.

That touchdown was the spark that the Dolphins needed to mount a comeback. Miami went on to pull off a 42-38 win. Despite a great win, Gesicki received backlash for his lack of skills as a dancer.

Gesicki’s dance was widely panned on the internet for its lack of fluidity and coordination. Even Gesicki’s wife joined in on criticizing him for his rendition of the Griddy. Gesicki spoke about what his wife said about his touchdown dance in Week 2:

“She was not proud,” Gesicki said. “She told me never to embarrass her like that again.”

He described the second-hand embarrassment she felt from watching his celebratory dance. Regardless of the dance, he helped his team win the game. In addition to his performance against the Dolphins, Gesicki has helped his team’s passing attack in 2022.

In 4 games, Gesicki has registered 8 catches, 71 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown. His presence has helped the offense move the ball down the field as a receiver and blocker. Gesicki was drafted out of Penn State in 2018.

The Dolphins will be on the road vs. the New York Jets in Week 5.