Mike Yurcich, Penn State’s offensive coordinator, has found himself an unpopular figure as the Nittany Lions fell 24-15 to No. 3 Michigan at Beaver Stadium.

Michigan figured to be a favorite headed into the game as it was even with Jim Harbaugh suspended for the remainder of the regular season, but Penn State didn’t consistently do much in the way of offense throughout the afternoon. The Nittany Lions did finish with 164 yards on 35 carries, but most of those came in the 1st half. Throwing the ball was a major struggle: Allar finished 10-of-22 for 70 yards.

Penn State’s drive chart paints an even grimmer picture. It went punt, field goal, punt, touchdown in its 4 1st-half drives. In the 2nd half, it fumbled on its 1st possession, punted 3 times in a row, and turned it over on downs. Across those 5 drives, the Nittany Lions accumulated just 55 yards before an Allar TD pass on what turned out to be their final possession made it 24-15 with less than 2 minutes left.

Nittany Lions fans are fed up with Yurcich’s coaching decisions. Here’s a sampling of just some of the reaction he’s getting on social media: