It appeared that Ohio State had complete control of its game against Penn State.

That might still be the case. But based on how the first half ended, there are likely some frustrated folks on the Buckeye sideline. Ohio State thought it had kneeled on fourth down to run out the first half. Video review disagreed, giving Penn State a chance to tack on three points to end the half.

Buckeye quarterback Justin Fields took a knee with two seconds remaining on fourth down inside their own territory. Video review came in and determined there was a second left on the clock the referees rewarded Penn State the ball with a second left.

With the ball at the 33-yard line of Ohio State, the Nittany Lions attempted a 50-yard field goal and drilled it to make it 21-6.

There were plenty of people on the Buckeye sideline upset with the decision. That included Ohio State coach Ryan Day.

Can add this to the list of “things I’ve never seen in a college football game” before. It’s technically following the rules, but just a real tight enforcement. Day probably has a reason to be fired up. But rules are rules.

This might just be a weird one-off thing that we forget about. Or it could be the start of a furious Penn State comeback. We’ll see what happens.