Jared Odrick was fired up on Sunday, to say the least.

The former Penn State star was not in the best of moods after he was called for defensive offsides with his Jacksonville Jaguars down 35-0 in San Diego. Odrick had to be pulled from the game after his animated reaction at an official drew an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

When he got to the bench, things only escalated:

Jaguars coach Gus Bradley apparently tried to calm down the former B1G Defensive Player of the Year. But that didn’t work. Odrick was still visibly irate over the offsides call, and maybe with the fact that the preseason sleeper Jaguars were on their way to 0-2.

Multiple shots of Odrick on CBS showed up pacing up and down the sidelines. To some Jaguars fans, it was about the only sign of life seen all afternoon:

Odrick battled injury issues to start the season but he’s still played in every game dating back to 2011. Other than that, the former first-round draft pick has actually been doing pretty well for himself.

He made his television debut on the HBO series “Ballers” and he wrote an in-depth piece for Monday Morning Quarterback on athletes expressing their right to kneel during the anthem.

But obviously Odrick is still plenty passionate about his business on the field.