Pat Kraft provided some good news on Friday for Penn State fans in regards to a renovated Beaver Stadium.

Beaver Stadium has been home to the Nittany Lions for quite some time, and has expanded eight times over its storied history.

The iconic stadium has a capacity of over 106,000, making it one of the largest stadiums in the world, and second only to Michigan Stadium in terms of capacity across the college football landscape. Earlier this season, the stadium began selling beer at games after school’s Board of Trustees approved the measure in September.

It appears that there are more changes coming for the stadium. Kraft recently stated that a rebuild recommendation is heading to the administration soon.

After discussing the changes coming for Beaver Stadium, Kraft also addressed Penn State’s NIL program, saying progress has been made in that area as well. Compared to where the program was a year ago, Kraft can now rest a bit easier.