James Franklin has made no bones about it. At Penn State, he wants more commitment.

The head coach secured that commitment this week in the form of a 10-year, $85 million contract extension with at least $80 million guaranteed. The school announced that Franklin, despite rumors of interest from jobs like USC and LSU, would remain the Nittany Lion coach through 2031. It’s a significant financial investment on the part of the university, but when Franklin met with the media Wednesday—his first public comments since the announcement—he said it signaled a commitment not just to him but to the football program as a whole.

“Whether it’s facilities, whether it’s staffing, whether it’s dormitories,” Franklin said, per The Athletic’s Audrey Snyder, “it all matters.

“We are fighting for small margins to try to take that next step as a program, whether that is the playoffs, an opportunity to compete for national championships, and that’s really going to take place the other 364 days a year and allow us to be successful on Saturday.”

Franklin wasn’t alone in his media appearance Wednesday evening, though. Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour was alongside him, and it was her comments that piqued interest.

“It was really about signaling that commitment and that we’re all gonna be doing that together for a long time,” Barbour said. “This is about Penn State and what we have to do to be successful and chase that national championship that we all want.”

Added Barbour: “we don’t just want to keep up.”