It’s still unclear whether or not college football will be played this fall, but seating arrangements and seating capacity at stadiums are still concerns athletic directors have to address. Solutions have varied based on school.

One thing has been consistent, though: none seem to be planning on a full stadium in 2020.

Penn State Athletic Director Sandy Barbour issued similar sentiments on Wednesday while speaking with reporters on a Zoom call. Right now, Barbour says there is no concrete plan for Beaver Stadium this fall. She stated that the school is receiving some guidance and recommendations from the state.

“We are still working on all of the plans as they relate to any seating in our venues,” Barbour said, per Audrey Snyder of The Athletic. “Before we can put out what our seating might look like we need some guidance from others.”

Barbour also said that Penn State is not planning on selling single-game tickets this year, regardless of what the capacity is at Beaver Stadium. Only season-ticket holders will be permitted to see the Nittany Lions live.

“One of the things I can say with certainty,” Barbaour said, “without a season ticket you’re probably not coming to a Penn State game this year.”

Penn State’s first game is currently scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 5 against Kent State.