Penn State’s Beaver Stadium may be set to receive a significant upgrade in the form of a multi-phase renovation, and also be used beyond football game days.

That news came during an announcement on Friday at a meeting of the University’s Board of Trustees.

“After extensive research and consultation, renovation for Beaver Stadium is the direction we want to take as it is far more economical than a new build. In addition, it’s important to note that no part of this project will be funded by tuition, student fees or any of our educational budget,” said University President Neeli Bendapudi.

Bendapudi said Penn State is not yet in a position to share financial projections for the renovation project. The president emphasized Penn State Athletics is a self-sustaining unit of the university – one of only a small number of self-funded collegiate athletics operations in the nation – and, as such, is still working out a funding model as well as a timeline.

“I know there is a lot of interest in this project, and we are at the beginning of a multi-year journey, which still must include proposal review and approval by the Board of Trustees. Athletics also will need to put the project out for bid,” Bendapudi said.

Bendapudi added, “It is my commitment that we will do what we must to preserve one of our most iconic spaces in the most economical way possible.”