When it was announced that the NCAA was canceling the 2020 basketball tournament, there was a group of folks who thought the selection committee should still reveal the bracket. It would be a small reward for the team’s that earned a place in March Madness.

But the NCAA decided against that plan, failing to release a bracket and announce the teams that would’ve participated in the 2020 tournament. Penn State head coach Pat Chambers thought that was the incorrect route to take.

“I 100 percent agree that should’ve been displayed,” Chambers told BTN’s Dave Revsine. “I’ve talked about this — anybody who wanted to hear me in any media outlet that I’ve been on, I’m so displeased with that decision. I think you’ve cheated a lot of players, you cheated teams like us, my former team BU (Boston University), Rutgers. I don’t know why you couldn’t have just given us a Selection Show Sunday.

“And guess what, Dave, let it stream. If we’re quarantined, why can’t we have some fun with it? …How cool would that have been?”

Chambers also went on to say that he believes that joy was stolen from the players, coaches and fans by nixing the Selection Sunday Show this year.

Penn State finished the 2019-20 basketball season with a 21-10 record and the Nittany Lions were ranked periodically throughout the year. It would’ve been the program’s first NCAA Tournament trip under Chambers.

Below is the full clip of Revsine speaking with Chambers about not having Selection Sunday.