Penn State backup quarterback Will Levis has some interesting plans this weekend. He’s using his time to get in a workout to raise money for charity, but what he’s planning on doing is a little bit unique.

Levis has decided to run five miles in order to raise money for charity — backwards. That’s right, the Penn State quarterback plans to complete a five-mile challenge running backwards on Saturday.

In a video on Twitter, Levis explained his decision to help raise money.

“The current initiative that we’re really pushing right now is called, ‘Runnin’ on Lemonade,’” Levis said in a video posted on Twitter. “These past few weeks, we’ve had volunteers sign up and run a designated amount of miles, whether it’s a marathon, half-marathon, ten miles.

“As a part of the organization, as one of the people that has been a part of it from the start, I wanted to be a part of this, too. I knew I couldn’t run a marathon, half-marathon, let alone ten miles. But I figured I could do five miles and I could do it backwards. I’ve set myself to kind of do that challenge and I’ve been training for it.”

Levis is working with the Makin’ Lemonade Fund, a virtual lemonade stand that supports the CDC Foundation, Direct Relief and Feeding America. The Penn State QB is hoping to raise $3,000, of which more than $2,600 has already been donated.

In 2019, Levis completed 28-of-47 pass attempts for 223 yards and two touchdowns while also adding 213 yards and three touchdowns on the ground in seven games.