Penn State has reportedly canceled 460 football season ticket-holding accounts after monitoring how the tickets were resold, according to a report from Ben Jones of

The account holders were notified via email, per

“..we did an analysis of our inventory and servicing needs and are making an intentional effort to connect directly to our consumers by removing accounts whose primary purpose for purchasing is reselling their tickets” the email reads.

An anonymous Penn State official detailed to Jones that the move to mobile ticketing for the 2021 season allowed the athletic department to track reselling of tickets. The official told Jones that season ticket holders who resell tickets to friends or family or even the general public were not targeted in the effort. The 460 flagged accounts, per the report, “were each in possession of several tickets, all of which regularly sold at or above market value.”

The article notes that Penn State has an official resale partnership with Ticketmaster. Penn State, however, forbids the purchase of season tickets for the “primary purpose” of reselling.

Many sporting events moved to mobile/digital ticketing over the last couple of seasons, citing COVID concerns. Penn State plays on the road at Purdue in Week 1 of the 2022 season. The Nittany Lions’ home opener comes in Week 2 against Ohio.