The game Saturday night between Ohio State and Penn State was incredibly entertaining.

The top 10 clash ended with a dramatic comeback, surely stunning and disappointing over 100,000 in-site Nittany Lions fans. However, the game itself wasn’t the only thing interesting going on Saturday.

During a tailgate, according to, a Penn State student resisted arrest after striking a horse. The police eventually had to bring in a tactical mounted unit and a low-flying helicopter during the event.

Since then, Penn State has come out and said that it will stop using low-flying helicopters. Nittany Lions fans won’t only have to not worry about helicopters anymore, but about a certain student willing to strike an animal, either.

Here’s a quote from the original story:

“Before the helicopter was called in, state police deployed a tactical mounted unit to move people out of the area. According to a criminal complaint filed by Penn State police on Tuesday, a 21-year-old student approached a state police horse three times and struck the animal in the side with his hand.

“Police said the student pulled away and ran when a trooper, who fractured his hand, attempted to subdue him. He allegedly continued to resist arrest and briefly struggled with police after he was located in a crowd. According to the complaint, the student was found to have slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and an odor of alcohol.”

The entire story can be found here.