Happy Valley is going to look a lot different this year. Even though Penn State will be playing games inside Beaver Stadium this fall, one of the most electrifying venues in college football will lose a lot of its luster.

That’s because the B1G has decided to prohibit fans from attending games this fall. It’s not a rule that applies just to Penn State, but to all 14 teams in the conference. Outside of family and close friends of players, coaches and staff, nobody will be permitted inside the enormous B1G stadiums.

So, the best we can do is reminisce on Penn State’s one-of-a-kind environment in college football. Recently, Penn State tight end Pat Freiermuth spoke with ESPN’s Marty Smith about playing in a White Out environment.

“Really hard to explain. I mean, it’s electric. It’s all those words that describe how amazing it really is,” Freiermuth said on Marty Smith’s America podcast. “I got good advice my freshman year — my first start — and I got good advice from one of the senior tight ends. He was like ‘take 6 seconds before you run out of the tunnel and just soak it all in.’

“I did that. And it was…I still get chills just thinking about it. It’s honestly the most surreal thing I’ve ever been a part of.”

Typically, the White Out game is reserved for the big-time opponents on Penn State’s home schedule. For the better part of the last decade, it has come against either Michigan or Ohio State.

But it won’t happen this year, with COVID-19 robbing fans of one of the greatest college football experiences in existence. Hopefully, it’s just a one-year absence before Beaver Stadium is rocking again.