A Penn State Trustee has issued a statement after hearing that the University of Tennessee has rescinded its offer to Greg Schiano to become the next head coach of the football program.

Monday afternoon, Anthony Lubrano responded to Tennessee’s decision to back away from hiring Schiano because of social media outrage and on-campus protests. Lubrano, who became a Penn State in 2012, said that Schiano was in no way involved with the scandal involving Jerry Sandusky.

“I can confidently say that Coach Greg Schiano had nothing to do with the Sandusky scandal.,” Lubrano wrote. “Any stories about his involvement are completely uncorroborated and without basis in fact. To impugn Mr. Schiano’s character based on hearsay alone is irresponsible and unfair.

“It is disappointing that University of Tennessee officials have been influenced by the voices (and keyboards) of a grossly uninformed social media mob. Had they sought to understand the truth of the matter, and stood firm in their offer, they would have seen firsthand the benefits of hiring a man of high integrity and strong character.”

Schiano was a member of Penn State’s coaching staff from 1990-1995. His name was mentioned as someone who knew of Sandusky’s child abuse, but nothing was ever proven and the mention of his name has been regarded as nothing more than hearsay.

Tennessee and Schiano had reportedly reached a deal on Sunday afternoon but the university backed off following the backlash.