“Always be ready. Next man up. You’re time could come at any time.”

Those are tired old coaching clichés that get thrown around every single day. But Penn State backup quarterback Sean Clifford takes it pretty seriously. At least his stat line indicates he does.

Clifford doesn’t see much field time currently, behind Heisman Trophy candidate and three-year starter Trace McSorley. But when the backup does hit the field, he’s making things happen with his arm. Really good things.

As Penn State cruised to blowout victories over Pitt and Kent State the last two weeks, Clifford has been able to get a few snaps under center late in games and throw the football around a few times. Not a lot, but a little.

In two games, Clifford has thrown four passes. You wouldn’t think that low of a number would produce incredible results, but somehow, they have. Clifford has completed all four of his throws for 151 touchdowns and two touchdowns. His QB rating currently sits at 582.1, according to CFBStats.com.

Talk about taking the most out of your opportunity.

Clifford is averaging 37.8 yards per attempt and half of his passing attempts have resulted in a touchdown. Just for good measure, he’s also carried the ball twice for 10 yards.

No, he’s not doing it against first-team defenses, but it’s still a pretty impressive stat line.

McSorley better not slip up anytime soon.